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Make sure you’re fully prepared for the GRE.

We can help! Here are just some of the things StudyProf GRE Prep covers

  • Practice on and analysis of real GRE problems just like on the real test

  • Test taking strategies for the quantitative, verbal, and analytical writing

  • Simple, proven methods to permanently get rid of test anxiety

  • Vocabulary-learning power techniques to increase your GRE Verbal score

  • Strategies to get into grad school and land lucrative scholarships and TA positions

  • A clear, easy-to-follow, study schedule tailored to your life and needs

  • Access to practice tests from ETS, the company that makes the GRE

  • Need to know more about the class and the one-on-one tutoring? Click here.

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Just the class.


This is the full GRE class covering all the techniques, topics, and question types on the GRE. The 14-hour zoom class takes place on one weekend each month.

If you need extra help after the class, you can always sign up for some extra one-on-one help (see below).

See the Upcoming Events page for dates.

Terms and Conditions

One-on-One tutoring

Starting at $90/hour

This option allows you to concentrate on just the things you need help with. Book a session and focus on any of the following…

  • Any GRE topic(s) such as factorials, the issue essay, vocabulary memorization, test anxiety, etc.

  • Study skills such as focus, procrastination, note-taking, goal-setting, forming good habits, and more.

Not sure exactly what you’ll need help with? Call, text or email today and I can help you strategize and determine the best way to meet your goals.

Terms and Conditions

Gold Membership + Class


Gold is the best option for people who will want one-on-one help in addition to the class and who think they might want to attend the GRE class more than once.

You get everything included in “Just the Class” above, plus…

  • Attend the GRE prep class again as many times as you need in the next 6 months.

  • One-on-one coaching at the reduced rate of $88 per hour.

  • Access to the class videos for topics you struggle with.

Terms and Conditions

Platinum Membership + Class


Platinum is the best option for people who like lots of one-on-one help outside of class. You’ll pay more initially, but you’ll be able to get a lot more one-on-one help at a substantial savings.

The Platinum includes everything in “Just the Class” above, plus…

  • Attend the GRE prep class again as many times as you need for the next three years.

  • Additional one-on-one hours are available for only $42 per hour.

  • Access to all the class videos.

  • The ebook, Best Grades Ever!, with insights, techniques, and tricks, that will enable you to get the best grades of your life with less studying. Save hours a week using these techniques.

Terms and Conditions

Monthly Coaching Subscription


This option is best for people who want a lot of hands-on help with the GRE, time management, study skills, habits, goal-setting, note-taking skills, and more.

At less than $62/hour, this monthly subscription is the least expensive way to get lots of one-on-one coaching. There is a minimum 2-month commitment. The initial payment is for two months—$990. After that, you will pay $495 per month on a month-by-month basis, directly to Cody. It will NOT be automatically charged to your payment method.

You’ll be able to use my online calendar to schedule Zoom meetings (or live meetings, if you’re in Bryan/College Station, TX). I’m also available via phone, text, or email.

NOTE: This option gives you up to 8-hours of one-on-one time per month. Need more hours than that? Additional time is billed at $62/hour.

Terms and Conditions

Cody Blair has spent over two decades researching how students learn and remember most effectively. He helps students apply that knowledge in and out of the classroom. He is the author, instructor, and owner of StudyProf GRE Prep based in College Station, Texas, and has been teaching GRE prep, time management, and study skills, for universities like Texas A&M and the University of Houston, as well as privately, since 2000.

When Melia found out she had to take the GRE, she was really nervous. Test-taking is just not her thing, although she’s a great student.

She began practicing her weak points—vocabulary and geometry—in earnest after the class but ran into some snags. We met several more times to find solutions to the problems she was having.

She put those solutions into place and practiced them diligently until she took the test in August. Her score was more than high enough to get her into her second-choice school.

Well done, Melia!

Kimmy is a non-traditional student going back to grad school after years out in the working world. With two kids to take care of and a full-time job, getting prepped for the GRE seemed like a huge task.

The initial two-day GRE prep class helped her get a handle on what and how to study. It was actually much less content (and easier) than she originally thought.

After the class, we met online every week to discuss not only the GRE problems, but how to balance study time, work time, and family time.

Though Kimmy got into her masters program—way to go!—we still meet on a weekly basis to polish her study and time management skills. She’s teaching the same skills to her kids!

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