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Did You Know This About the New, Shorter GRE? (Infographic)

Updated: Jun 25

The New, Shorter GRE Infographic

The GRE is like the SAT or ACT, but for grad school. It tests your verbal, math, and analytical thinking skills to gauge how you'll perform in grad programs. You can take it online or at a testing center anytime during the year. Just remember to complete it 10 to 15 days before your grad school deadlines! Take a look at the shorter GRE Infographic above for all the details.

Test Structure

The new, shorter GRE takes almost 2 hours in total and has 5 sections:

  • Analytical Writing: 1 task, 30 minutes

  • Verbal:

    • Section 1: 12 questions, 18 minutes

    • Section 2: 15 questions, 23 minutes

  • Quantitative:

    • Section 1: 12 questions, 21 minutes

    • Section 2: 15 questions, 26 minutes

Verbal Section

The Verbal section tests your vocabulary and reading comprehension through three types of questions. To ace this section, beef up your vocabulary as it evaluates your understanding of words, sentences, and overall concepts.

Quantitative Section

The Quantitative section tests your math skills, including algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability. Timing is crucial—it can challenge even math whizzes! There’s an on-screen calculator, but relying on it too much can eat up your time.

Analytical Writing Section

In the Analytical Writing section, you have 30 minutes to craft an essay showcasing your analytical skills. Write fast, clear, and stay organized. Using strong vocabulary helps too! While some grad programs might skip over this score, for others, it’s crucial.


  • Verbal and Quantitative Sections: Each scored from 130 to 170, with 150 as the average. Combined scores are often used by schools (e.g., "300 to apply").

  • Analytical Writing: Scored from 0 to 6, with 3.5 as the average.

What is considered a "good score" varies significantly across grad programs. You’ll receive your official score 8 to 10 days after taking the exam.

Getting Prepared (Use the Shorter GRE Infographic)

Aiming for top GRE scores? Plan on putting in 40 to 60 hours of solid prep. Whether you’ve got a few weeks or several months until your scores are due, we’ve got you covered. Swing by for a handpicked mix of free and paid resources. Or, if you’re looking for advice that hits the mark, give StudyProf a call at (979) 739-7601.

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